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Having a platform for Dads to discuss experiences, both good and bad, learn from others mistakes, talk openly but privately and share the highs and unfathomable lows, gives every dad the opportunity to stand up and be counted.

Over the past two years The Dad Network has grown its online community of Dads offering up daily support to a number of unique challenges from various perspectives across the globe.

This expansion has led into the growth of The Dad Network Local Meetups; the real world equivalent to the online hub. Face to face interactions replace keyboard conversations and our aim is to have at least one local meetup within 1 hour drive of any dad that needs support within the UK. Every local meetup is run by an Admin who provides the members with creative ideas for events, local support when required and someone to ensure that all members are sticking to our aims and that all incentives and messages are relayed to every local meetup member.

Our local meetups also a great opportunity for dads to have sensitive conversations in a safe environment, experience new venues, different foods & activities or just to meet new dads in their area.

We currently have over 30 different local meetups throughout the UK, Ireland and USA with an ever growing number of Dads joining every day! We’re always on the lookout for new Regional Leaders for those that want to become a Dad Network Regional Leader and run their own local meetup click below. If you’re looking to find out if there’s a local meetup near you, click the one on the right.

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Become A Dad Network Regional Leaders  Join a Dad Network Local Meetup