We’d love for you join our networks! Never mind Mumsnet, this is ‘dadsnet!’

TDN_BLUE LOGO TEXTIf you’re a dad, then join our dads group. It’s a great place to chat to other dads, in private, about your fears, hopes, dreams, joys and struggles. The supportive group is made up of 100’s of dads from around the world and was recently described as an online pub! Come and join!

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If you’re a dad blogger, then we have a group just for you. Dad bloggers from all over sharing tips, posts and support with others. Come and join if you’re a dad and blog!

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We have a network of parent bloggers. (Mummy’s too!) Again, a supportive group where parent bloggers share their latest posts, their hottest tips and chat about all things bloggers chat about.

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We were shocked by some mums, many of whom are spouses to the dads in our network, who got in touch to say they wanted a group too. So we obliged and here it is. So if you’re a mum, you’re more than welcome to join this group and get stuck into the world of motherhood with likeminded mums.

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And lastly, The Dad Network TV is a network of itself; laying host to 11 amazing dad vloggers all sharing their journey through fatherhood. Head over and check out the latest videos and don’t forget to subscribe!

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